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Classes: FAQ


Rec classes are a great starting point for all students who have never participated in rhythmic gymnastics! It is the launching point into both our competitive tracts and our performance company. Recreational classes are also a wonderful place for students who want to grow strength, flexibility, and skills in a relaxed and fun environment whilst participating in school shows and events! 

Mini Rec (Ages 3-5)

Rec I (Ages 5-8)

Rec II (Ages 8+) 


XCEL Competitive Team (Ages 8+)

The XCEL competitive program is for everyone! Any student who loves rhythmic gymnastics and shows commitment to growing in the sport is welcome to join! XCEL is a wonderful place for students to grow their gymnastics skills in a supportive yet rigorous environment. Students attend competitions throughout the season and compete against themselves to get better and better!

Competitive Olympic Development Program (Ages 6+)

Students on our Olympic Development tract compete through the USA Gymnastics program at invitational and state competitions in hopes of qualifying for regionals and nationals. Students advance through levels 3-8 before becoming elite gymnasts (master of sport) level 9-10. Students who participate in this program travel around the country and practice many hours per week. Students and parents should be ready to commit a great deal of energy and time to be part of this program. 

Performance Company (Ages 6+)

The performance company is for intermediate students who wish to spend more time in the gym growing their body and apparatus skills. This team is for girls who love rhythmic gymnastics. Students who are on this team will hold major roles and solos in our holiday and Spring shows. Students in this class perform around the city at many different fun events throughout the year!

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